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Who Are the Best Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers Made In USA? (2024)

wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA

To be successful in business, entrepreneurs need good suppliers to stay in the business market. We have made a research on wholesale clothing manufacturers in the USA and have listed the 10 best clothing manufacturers in the USA so that people who want to start with a small clothing business can get some ideas. 

Here you will get best wholesale clothing manufacturers in the USA and some ideas about how to deal with them. 

The Pros and Cons of Manufacturing in USA 

Here we are showing some pros and cons of USA manufacturing companies 


  • High quality manufacturing- Firstly USA based manufacturing companies are expected to provide high quality products. In that case they are also very much reliable.
  • Higher standards of labor – Secondly US government maintain the workers’ working condition, wages and rights properly.
  • Easy Communication with proper efficiency – Communication is very clear and easy between suppliers and retailers in the USA. There is no cultural collision. 
  • Indistinguishable time zone and holiday schedule – It helps entrepreneurs with no delay and makes it easier for them.
  • Easier for marketing and branding – For the better quality of marketability and branding ability, it is much easier for marketing and branding in the USA. It is based on people’s belief and reliability as well. 
  • Faster shipping time with less shipping cost – You will get your ordered products quickly by spending comparatively less money.
  • No tension for tariff and duties – Further tariff and duties are adjusted from the profit margin.
  • Higher payment with securities – Certainly there is less risk to lose your money after paying it for the inventory. 
  • Intellectual based property right protection – Your name, symbol, signs and artistic works remain safe. 


  • High manufacturing cost – However the sourced products from the USA is more costly.
  • Small numbers of factories – Potential manufacturing companies are only few in number.
  • Fewer product choices – A small number of products are sold that are manufactured in the country. 

Best Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in USA

wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA

Above all we are adding a list of the best 10 wholesale clothing manufacturer companies in the USA…


Beautiful Connection group is one of the best clothing manufacturing companies in New York, USA. It’s a professional wholesale clothing manufacturing company which is specialized for women’s clothing like coats, jackets, tops and others dresses. You will get the best quality products within a nice price point. It is made to measure and can be the one stop solution for your clothing business. You can make your own designed products from here. 


You will get good quality products from ORGANIC APPAREL COMPANY. They have been operating for 15 years till now. This company can make customized designs, logos, pictures, sketches etc. They are pretty affordable as well. Organic Apparel USA creates organic apparel, as its name suggests. This suggests that the company’s prospects of producing high-quality goods are good. When ordering from Organic Apparel USA, customers have the option of customizing their products.


GOOD CLOTHING COMPANY works with all kinds of entrepreneurs including emerging designers, eco fashion pioneers and even growing businesses. This is one of the few clothing companies in the United States that works with all types of business owners. The minimum order quantity for this company is quite low. Customers are only required to order a minimum of 10 items per size, style, and color. Customers can engage with the company to develop the designs they want.


EUPHORIC COLORS claims to provide the best quality products. It’s a Los Angel based company that works with the design teams to develop the quality as per the customer’s needs. The company, which is situated in Los Angeles, collaborates with design teams to create personalized clothing that is suited to the needs of their customers. Euphoric Colors offers a diverse assortment of goods. Lingerie, uniforms, swimsuits, dresses, button downs, and other items are among the items available. This implies that obtaining what you require will be simple.


SANS USA offers almost all the designs to their customers and they require 50% deposit after making the deal and the rest they take after delivering the product. It is one of the few garment companies in the United States that can assist clients with practically any design they have in mind. The estimated production and delivery time is between 16 and 18 weeks, according to the company.


SUUCHI works with every brand and they have a low MOQ. Their minimum order unit is 50. Their manufacturing is powered by the software platform to maintain cost effectiveness and transparency. Enterprise brands, established brands, and even startup brands are all served by the firm.


ARGYLE HAUS is literally popular for working with all sized brands from startups to established fashion designers in the USA. It is a fashion design house and apparel production company situated in Los Angeles, California, that works with established designers, early-stage companies, and national brands. With over 100 years of combined expertise in the fashion, garment, and manufacturing industries, we are a team of industry leading business experts, technical designers, pattern makers, and master seamstresses.

8. TEG

TEG is known for its high-end production. They have an MOQ of 50 pieces per style. This company has a quick turnaround of 4-8 weeks. With an additional fee the turnaround is of 1-4 weeks. Jennifer Evans launched The Evans Group (TEG) in 2005. She began her profession while studying business in San Francisco, working in a tiny couture shop. Jennifer went into the non-profit sector with a goal to make a difference, spending four years at the International Academy of Irvine. TEG is still a vertically-integrated fashion development and production firm dedicated to helping independent designers and maintaining craftsmanship after 15 years. It has internationally recognized studios in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as foreign programs.


STYLUS APPAREL have been serving since 2003. They take orders for a large number of orders. They make anything customized for the brands. A contract garment manufacturer can produce a huge number of clothes on short notice. Other services available at Stylus Apparel include screen printing, garment embroidery, dye-sublimation printing, and woven labeling, in addition to cut and sew production. Stylus Apparel’s discounts increase as the quantity of pieces ordered by the buyer grows.


Lastly ROYAL APPAREL produces high quality products using sustainable, recycled and organic products. They have a wide range of products to offer to the customers. They ship all over the world. The business has been in operation for more than 25 years. The firm offers a diverse range of goods. Customers will have no trouble finding what they want as a result of this. The business ships all over the world. As a result, no matter where you live, you can get your goods from Royal Apparel.

How to Find Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in USA 

You need to know first about how to find manufacturers then should go for any further deals.

Here we are showing the best ways to find clothing manufacturers for your business.

Directories and B2B Marketplaces 

It is the best way to locate manufacturers in the USA. You will get to know about a lot of manufacturers from directories. But finding the proper directory can take some time. We want to recommend a wholesale clothing marketplace here which is Stylepick from California. Stylepick is an online wholesale fashion marketplace dedicated to inspire manufacturers and the best wholesale women’s clothing vendors through the combination of trendy styles and user friendly web interface. It is a virtual fashion district for all vendors and retailers globally. Established in Los Angeles, Stylepick offers experiential wholesale environments and a mix of the latest and top wholesale women’s clothing from different vendors like J.nna, Blue B, Day & Night, Hers & Mine, Davi & Dani, Spotlite and many more.


Google is an ideal option to find the perfect wholesale clothing manufacturers for you by doing some research. 

Local Library 

In libraries you’ll find the paid or exclusive directories for wholesale clothing manufacturers. So these are available and at the same time affordable in the library.

Trade Shows 

wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA

Trade shows help to find the manufacturers and choose designs. 

Incubator and Local Fashion School 

They usually have a good relationship with manufacturers. So you can learn many things from them and also contact the manufacturers. 


In case, you want to end your conversation with a company. But suddenly you come to know that it’s tough for them to handle your order. Next you can of course ask for the referral.

How to Communicate With Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in USA

wholesale clothing manufacturers in USA

Communication is a must needed thing specially while making a deal. Here we are providing some important areas that you need to consider while communicating with wholesale clothing manufacturers. 

  • Terminology – Knowing some basics will help you to communicate with the manufacturers 
  • Understanding the MOQ – There is almost everywhere a minimum order quantity and you have to understand it. 
  • Samples – Samples are important to understand about the final products. 
  • Time frames – You have to make the proper time frame to execute your plan. 

Last Words 

Well, that was all about the best manufacturers. Now you can find out what you should go for. So if you have any type of clothing manufacturing queries, never feel any hesitation to contact us.