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How to Find Clothing Manufacturers in USA : Best Ways to Find Clothing Manufacturers in 2024

how to find clothing manufacturers

The article here is all about how to find clothing manufacturers in USA. Nowadays it’s very common to everyone that fashion is difficult to break into, for those who are beginners. Now, if you are a beginner and searching to find some clothing manufacturers in USA, this site will be really helpful for you by giving ideas about how to find clothing manufacturers.

Fashion is one of the most popular niches in E-commerce nowadays. It’s very creative and fashion entrepreneurs from the whole world around are introducing new online stores everyday. They are doing really amazing work about their creativity by holding their customers’ choice as their first priority. Fashion for clothing must be very updated and must carry the trend with it. 

In this crowd of creativity, if you want to hold your identity and launch your own clothing brand, you must be very conscious about it to make your creation highlighted. 

Then What is the Best to Start From?  

You have to create your own speciality by selling idiosyncratic products instead of any random products! 

So, first of all you would have to find out what clothing you want to sell and at the same time you must choose a particular base of customers. You can not skip this phase because you will get to find out the products that you should sell when you will only categorise your base customers as well. Once you are done with this specification, it will be easier for you to categorise what you want to sell to your targeted consumers. You will find the proper guidelines here to start with this procedure. 

First of all, being a new entrepreneur who is willing to launch a clothing line with custom products, you must need your own designs. It will bring your uniqueness out there in the market.

So, to turn your own unique designs into your desired products, you will need manufacturers.

Now, we will cover everything in this article about how to find clothing manufacturers. 

How To Find Clothing Manufacturers 

how to find clothing manufacturers

First of all, you have to ask yourself before starting whether you really want to work with clothing manufacturers or not. Because, there is risk in it. There are possibilities of getting recompense for sure but at the same time you may have to face some difficulties to make profit according to your financial state and your time. 

Now let’s have a look of the pros of working with clothing manufacturers:

  1. Get the privilege to produce the unique designs of yours by working with a clothing manufacturer.
  2. Make your own brand image by working with a clothing manufacturer.
  3. Get more opportunities to do the marketing

Now let’s have a look on the cons as well;

  1. Purchase products in a bulk every time.
  2. Take your own risk by yourself.
  3. You need to make investments beforehand.

You have to keep it in mind that since you have to purchase a bulk of products, you will need a proper inventory to store and manage it all yourself.

It works fine in usual but if you are starting with a minimal budget, it can be a bit risky sometimes. 

In that case, if you get a nice feedback from your customers, it will no longer make a difference and will not cause you any risk. 

It’s an issue that even the biggest manufacturers face but the fact is if they can absorb few losses although their clothing doesn’t hit the ground running.

If you don’t feel ready enough to take such risks then you have another option to start your clothing store by dropshipping with extra padding. 

Dropshipping is basically a method where an order can get fulfilled that does not require to stock in products for business. Rather, the store sells their products by passing on the sales orders to a third-party supplier and they ship the order to the consumer.

We will talk more about this dropshipping later. 

Choosing a Clothing Manufacturer 

When you are determined to work with a clothing supplier in the market, you have to be sure whether you want to work with domestic manufacturers in the country you reside in ( like the UK, the USA or canada). 

Your goods from producers abroad, as China or India would be the alternative.

We are primarily referring to clothing producers in the USA or Europe, when we talk about domestic manufacturers. We offer to countries such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan when we refer to overseas firms.

These two choices have obvious advantages and disadvantages. The best option for your financing, efficiency and business ethics would be your pick. 

Let’s break down some of the benefits and drawbacks of working with domestic and foreign clothing suppliers.

Domestic Clothing Manufacturers  

Nowadays buyers are very conscious about the quality products which they are buying. In terms of domestic clothing manufacturers, you will get higher quality products with regulated labor standards. 

If you are determined to pay extra fees with domestic clothing manufacturers, you’ll emphasise the fact that you are working with local trades. It will strengthen your brand image. 

Moreover the shipping time will be faster with domestic clothing manufacturers. But here the only drawback is that you will get a smaller range of products to choose compared to manufacturers from overseas.

Overseas Clothing Manufacturers 

There are many options for overseas clothing manufacturers that can make products for your business at a lower price than domestic manufacturers.

The mostly known overseas manufacturers are China, India, Taiwan and some other Asian countries. Manufacturers from China have been most popular for their varieties of clothing and dropshipping facilities for all kinds of clothing.

One important fact that you should note the product quality of overseas manufacturers which may not be as great as of the domestic manufacturers. Moreover, the working condition of these companies can be unregulated.

Again a big drawback for these manufacturers is longer shipping time ang higher shipping cost than domestic manufacturers.

How To Find Clothing Manufacturers For Your Business

Till now we have shown you some advantages and disadvantages of domestic and overseas clothing manufacturers. But now you will get information about how to find the perfect clothing manufacturer for your business.  

Industry Meetups

Instead of industry meetups, you can attend local events and tradeshows to make connections with clothing manufacturers.


Directories may help you by providing the wealth of clothing manufacturers. Well known directories like Maker’s Row (if you are from the USA) and the Squetch (if you are from Europe) are well known online directories that can help you for your business.

A fantastic option for you can be Kompass if you are searching for overseas manufacturers. 

When you find a clothing manufacturer, try to contact them by explaining what you are actually looking for. 

Search Engines

Search engines are a great source while trying to find your clothing manufacturers like Google.

Old Fashioned Research

You can expand your network with people in the industry and can take advice regarding how to find clothing manufacturers.

Choosing the Right Clothing Manufacturer

how to find clothing manufacturers

From the resources given above you may have got some clothing manufacturers for your business. Now you have to refine the list based on the followings:

Price and Quality: 

Choose the clothing manufacturers that can provide the best quality according to your price point.

Shipping Times:

Choose clothing manufacturers that provide fastest shipping time (including both domestic and overseas manufacturers).


Choose manufacturers that have good reviews from other shop owners having a good experience with them. 

Make your own research by asking around and if possible then try to make a visit. Before fixing your deal with the factories of the manufacturers so that you can see the procedures by yourself.

Alternative Models: Wholesale and Dropshipping

It’s great to look for wholesale clothing manufacturers if you are starting a small business having space to store merchandise. But if you can’t store merchandise then dropshipping is the best option for you.

When your merchandise is sold by the customers, you can order to the manufacturers accordingly. So they can deliver the products directly to the customers.

how to find clothing manufacturers

Start Your Clothing Business Today

Well that’s all you need to know while choosing a clothing manufacturer for your business. Take your decision by doing a proper research and fix what your business actually needs.

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