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Terms and conditions

Term of Use & Privacy Policy

We are committed to protect the privacy of our customers. We ensure the best protection and service of customer information on our website contains personal and company information. We will not disclose customer information to any third party other than us.

Private Label & Designs Non-disclosure Policy

We promise to keep confidential and protect the designs of our customers, from the very beginning when we accept your design documents to the final production. We will also sign the written confidentiality agreements with our partner factory who directly involved in manufacturing. If we need your pictures to be displayed on our website and promotional platform, we will obtain your consent in advance. If you need us to provide the design styles for your own brand, and you do not want to share the same styles with other brands, then your minimum order for each style should be 1000 pieces, so that we will protect this style for your use only.

Samples making & Production

We can make samples for your brand line based on the tech pack, pictures and even draft drawings that you provide to make samples for you. We will charge the corresponding samples production fee. When the samples are approved by you and confirmed to be produced in bulk, we will start the production.

Production & Delays

During the production, if there is any delay caused by fabrics or trimmings/accessories, we will inform you immediately. We also hope that you can keep timely communication with our production manager, so that we can do our best to keep the delivery on time. If there is any delay, we will work out a solution immediately with you.

Minimum Order Quantity

We promise that there is no minimum order quantity. Therefore, we will look for existing fabrics and textile fabrics in the market according to your requirements. We will buy existing fabric from the market matching the color as well as fabric specifications as close as possible depending on the availability in the market. Then we will provide it for your confirmation. When your order quantity reaches the minimum requirement of 1000 meters per fabric, we can manufacture the fabric according to your requirement.

Changing & Cancelling an Order

We only accept the styles changes before cutting the fabric. We will inform you when the fabric is sending to the cutting room. Once the cutting is done, it cannot be changed in any case. Please note that we only accept cancelation of an order within 3 days once the payment is done.

Packing & Shipping

Once we finish the production, we will ship the goods after packaging to the warehouse you designated according to your requirements, FedEx, DHL or shipping by sea/air. If we do not get the shipping address and shipping instructions specified by you after the completion of production, we will have to store the goods in our warehouse for two weeks. The first two weeks are free, but after two weeks we will charge 35 to 100 US dollars per day for storage, the amount is based on the actual space of your goods. If the time of storage is more than two months, this order will be automatically cancelled and we will not refund you anything that you paid.


When your total orders amount is $15,000, you will become our premier client, which means that you will have the opportunity to make 10 samples for free; When the orders amount is $50,000, you will get a quarter of free samples, it should be between 50 to 55 pieces, when your total orders amount is $100,000 or more, you will have four quarters of free samples, samples are including the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The above amounts can be calculated cumulatively, within one year starting by your first order.

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