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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

Types Of Clothing Manufacturers: What Is Clothing Manufacturing In 2024?

types of clothing manufacturers

Before heading into any other steps, you must know about different types of clothing manufacturers. It is an important step while starting your own clothing line. After knowing different types of clothing manufacturers, it will be easier for you to choose the right type of clothing manufacturer for your business. 

Several procedures are required to manufacture a garment in the clothing manufacturing process. Cutting, stitching, and finishing are all part of the process. The entire manufacturing process has a series of sub-operations that are required to manufacture a specific garment. The type of equipment available, the labor methods used, and the workers’ talents all influence some of these processes.

Our simple guidelines on types of clothing manufacturers-, will help you choose the best plan for a successful start. It will help you when you’re the latest fashion business owner or a brand wishing to manufacture its own collection. 

First of all, garment makers work with raw materials to create final products. To develop a diversified product mix, this process includes quality inspections, quantity, pricing, fit/size evaluation, sizing standardization, and much more. 

Production planning is an important factor in clothing manufacturing. Most importantly it guarantees that each process is completed as efficiently as possible. It also helps in the planning of a large number of daily procedures. In addition, you’ll be responsible for managing people, machines, materials, and payments. 

The following stages make up the basic garment manufacturing process: 

types of clothing manufacturers

CMT Clothing Production:

types of clothing manufacturers

What Is CMT?

One of the two main garment production types is CMT (Cut, Make, Trim). It is a service that consists of cutting, trimming, and stitching the clothing into a final product. This is an important term in understanding different types of clothing manufacturers.

If you’re a clothing brand and want to use this form of manufacturing, make sure you have the following items on hand: 

First of all, the factory will begin creating the garment after getting the necessary information. Secondly, the fabric will be cut according to the technical drawings. After that, the pieces will be sewn together in accordance with the construction specifications. Based on the grading sheets, the sizes will change. At the end of the process, garment makers will conduct a quality check to ensure that everything fulfills the client’s requirements. 

Pros Of CMT

CMT manufacturers often use the latest technology and machinery in their production. This ensures that the finished garments are of the best quality.

CMT factories do not waste time or money on pattern making because they work with Specification Sheets provided by the brand. So they can concentrate completely on cutting and sewing of the highest quality.

Fabric selection, labels, trims, and packaging are all under the control of brands in CMT production. As a result, this saves both parties a lot of time and money. 

Cons Of CMT

CMT is for brands that have some experience in the manufacturing process. They have a strong factory-ready tech pack. 

If you’re a new brand, we suggest learning more about the FPP (Full Production Package). We’ll go over in detail below. 

Many problems may occur when manufacturers use CMT production work according to the brand’s Tech Packs. That is to say, this might be quite expensive. This matter will take time for the clothing manufacturer to resolve. 

FPP (Full Production Package) Clothing Production

What Is FPP?

FPP stands for Full Production Package. in FPP, a manufacturer provides all stages of garment building to a brand.

These stages include:

  • Pattern making.
  • Fabric and trims sourcing.
  • Sample Making. 
  • Final garment production.

The term FPP refers to both CMT and all other aspects of garment manufacturing.

The factory starts the manufacturing process by:

  • Consulting with the brand.
  • Using the initial sketches or mood boards the factory creates the technical designs.
  • Helping with fabric sourcing.
  • Offer their expertise in current fashion trends.
  • Manufactures the final garment.

FPP factories can guide brands through all parts of the product development process.

Pros Of FPP

FPP is a great alternative for brands that are just starting their new clothing business line. That is to say, factories that specialize in this type of apparel will assist with all areas of product development. They will assist the areas from initial design to fabric sourcing to final assembly.

Most importantly, factories that provide FPP are in great demand among developing brands. This ensures a regular flow of new clients to the factories.

Cons Of FPP

The amount of investment for the brand is higher because FPP clothing production provides several services. They provide services for a variety of stages of product development.

At the same time, manufacturers who want to offer FPP clothing must ensure that they have the necessary resources, capacities, and skills. Consequently, pattern makers, grading experts, and fashion specialists are among them. 

Basic Differences Between CMT And FPP

types of clothing manufacturers

Low Minimum Clothing Manufacturers Vs Mass Production Clothing Manufacturers

types of clothing manufacturers

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) clothing manufacturers are typically sought by new clothing businesses. that are ready to manufacture their products. Most importantly, these smaller clothing companies are eager to collaborate with new talent and establish long-term ties. So this is advantageous to both parties. 

Low MOQ clothing manufacturers are more difficult to discover online. For instance, a vast amount of financial resources conceals them behind multinational corporations. However, there are still a large number of them, most of whom work with tiny companies.

Department shops and well-known brands are the results of mass manufacturing apparel manufacturers. Above all, speed is the key factor in mass production. For example, fast delivery of collections is one of the concerns of these garment producers. Meanwhile, the process involves serious production planning and logistics. A major goal of mass production is to never disappoint. As a result, these manufacturers produce fast, affordable clothing that reaches the end consumer in record time. This process creates new problems at the same time like a huge amount of poorly made clothing that ends up in landfills. 


Before starting a new clothing business, ask yourself the following questions. It will help you to choose the right manufacturer:

1) Who is my target market?

2) What are the core values of my company?

3) What is my financial situation?

In conclusion, the answers to these questions will assist you. They will help you in determining the appropriate manufacturer for you. Thus you will know whether it’s a CMT plant with a modest minimum order quantity or a mass-production FPP company. 

Now let’s think of a clothing manufacturing company, First of all, make a strategy first. Include your objectives and financial constraints. Secondly, look at other local manufacturers. Moreover, you can also conduct online research to learn about how other manufacturers got their start. Furthermore, defining your values will assist you. It will assist you in deciding who you should collaborate with. 

Clothing Production Terminology

Using the right terms will make it easier for you to express your needs in the clothing manufacturing industry. Get a comprehensive understanding of clothing production terminology.
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