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Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer: Why It Is Hard to Find A Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer in 2024

Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturer

You might have been looking for a low MOQ clothing manufacturer for days, months, or maybe years while thinking of your start-up clothing business. MOQ is basically the minimum order quantity. 

Well, it is really quite difficult to find a low MOQ clothing manufacturer because in general, most of the manufacturers ask the fashion business owners to order at least 500-1,000 pieces for each style of apparel. So, it becomes a big headache especially when you are new in the clothing business. Not every entrepreneur wants to take the risk of manufacturing this huge amount of production in the very early stage of their business. It is both risky and really expensive for some entrepreneurs to bear the expense. So, finding a low MOQ clothing manufacturer is like getting a unicorn for the new business owners. This kind of high MOQ mostly leads brands to choose fast fashion for making a sustainable profit. 

Like others, if you are also looking for a low MOQ manufacturing company then you will find your solution right here! But before that let us tell you why it is hard to find a low MOQ clothing manufacturer and also the hidden downsides of it. 

How Factories Work


The most important thing that you need to know is the clothing manufacturing companies that work in a chain. If one part of this chain gets affected, the greater impact will affect the whole chain of the process. Mostly for making the company profit they need to be efficient in every way. And that is why MOQ can be high sometimes. 

The Hidden Works

Here’s another mostly asked question about starting a business. “If you let me split the 500-piece MOQ into five different colors, I’ll be able to meet it. Isn’t it possible to just manufacture 100 of each color? Everything will follow the same pattern.”

Let’s have a look at a factory micro-level order of 5 various colors of the same style. In reality, it’s the equivalent of ordering five separate outfits. This is due to the fact that each different color requires its own set of processes. It involves five separate dye formulations, five different dye baths, five different lab tip approvals, and five passes through the dyeing and finishing machinery. Basically, it takes 5 times as long to create! 

And here is one more example of manufacturers wasting time by producing just one more color!  Each color you want to manufacture requires the factory to remove all of the sewing threads from the machines and replace them with new ones that match the following color. It may not appear to be a lot of labor, but believe me, it actually is. 

Factories’ Efficiency Over Time 

Another reason that factories like larger orders are because they give them more effort to finish their making. They can boost their productivity as well as their profit margins.

If you place an order for only 50 pieces, the order will be completed by that time. The sewers get into it and start to become more efficient and better with a long time of practice. But it will be different when they have a 1,000-piece order. Their sewers may only be able to produce 10 pieces on the first day. They might be able to make 15 pieces per day on the fifth day, and 20 per day at the end of the order.

This way, the skills of the employees of the manufacturing company also increase. On the other hand, if the order is smaller in number, the employees, especially the sewers, will not get enough time to master that particular design. So eventually, their working efficiency will not have any positive impact on the low order quantity. Apart from being efficient, the sewers enjoy this type of work. It is less stressful for them to be able to rely on muscle memory rather than trying new designs every few days. 

Remember, when you start sampling, even though you are paying the factory- they are basically working for free. 

Those sampling fees frequently fall short of covering the time and manpower required to create your samples. As a result, the more time they spend teaching you how to be a good client, the more free work they are performing.

Factories don’t start making money until you place your bulk order unless they’re specifically set up to specialize in low MOQ orders.

What You Can Do If You Do Not Meet a Factory MOQ

low moq

Be professional.

Before contacting a factory, consider the following. Take the time to learn how to do things correctly the first time. Also, be careful about who you seek guidance. Here’s a tip: be sure they’ve worked in other businesses before.

The  Rules Are not Set In Stone

If you can convince the company, then no matter what they will try to help you out regarding many things. They can even go beyond their regular rules and regulations for you sometimes. So, you should focus on building a good relationship with the manufacturing companies.

MOQ Clothing Manufacturer Niche 

MOQ Clothing Manufacturer Niche

It is like a dream to get a low MOQ manufacturer for startup clothing business owners. But there are some pros and cons to it as well. Like, it may sound great for low-budget business persons but the major con can be the price. There are some manufacturers who take wholesale orders for a low MOQ but the price they fix is usually high. So for that, you must be calculative while fixing your retail price point for maximizing your profit. 

But we can suggest to you a clothing manufacturing company, Beautiful Connection Group which is one the best clothing manufacturers in the USA. Apart from huge amounts of bulk production, they have a low MOQ for startup businesses as well. Their MOQ is 120 per style which is great for new business owners. Also, the best thing about them is they never compromise with the quality. They offer the best quality customized wholesale production at the most reasonable price. If you are thinking of a startup you must check them out at least once.