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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

How to Talk With Clothing Manufacturers : Step-by-step Guidelines For Talking With Clothing Manufacturers (2024)

how to talk with clothing manufacturers

Many people have confusion about how to talk with clothing manufacturers. Specially for new business owners it is a very common question. In this article, we will share some steps that would help you to understand how to communicate with clothing manufacturers. 

As a new business owner, you have to talk with many manufacturers. The way you present yourself and talk to them will have a great impact on making your business deals. This is why you should know the proper ways on how to talk with clothing manufacturers. 

You can just simply follow the steps given below to talk in a proper way with the clothing manufacturers. 

1. Introduce Yourself 

how to talk with clothing manufacturers

First impression always matters to make any deals. So, you have to be conscious of making your first impression while introducing yourself. Introduce yourself as well as your brand to the manufacturer. Try to clarify your business’s authenticity. Make sure that you are assuring them about your company’s reliability. Show them sufficient details to prove yourself as a client who is ready to make any serious business deal with them. 

Make an outline out of your vision and if there is any speciality of your company. Show this to give a clear view of your company. You can share some details that would help you to become more trustworthy and capable to make deals. 

If your company has any specific advertisement or any specific criteria of clothing that makes it stand out in the market, you’ll share this with the manufacturers. It will make them known about your specificity. Share the details on it. 

Also try to share your personal experience and your background in this industry. This will have an effect on the manufacturer in treating you and your business. If you somehow show that you have less experience, they will assume you are unknown about many tricks and details regarding the production. Then they have to explain everything in detail. If you have enough experience, they will cut a quick end and will use more terminologies. 

Most importantly, don’t share your financial condition on your first meeting with your manufacturer. Rather be professional. Although you are on a tight budget, do not share the fact with your manufacturer. Neither show anything that makes them doubt about your integrity toward the manufacturers.  

2. Production Stage 

While contacting the manufacturers, you have to be clear about the production level that you have already reached. Next, think about the type of services that you need and expect from your manufacturer. You should have the mindset that your manufacturer may not fulfill all of your needs by themselves. Sometimes they work with other subcontractors and other manufacturing companies that would work for fulfilling your desire. Or else they can refer you to the service providers who would be helpful to achieve your desired product. 

In short you may have to outsource sometimes. So, get prepared for this as well. 

3. Find the Right Manufacturer 

While explaining to your manufacturer about the product criteria that you want, try to enquire about their previous experience. Try to know if they did any similar work earlier. Try to know if there is any sample of their work, or any brand that they have worked before. It will help you to know about their product type, sample and quality. 

There is no reason to drop the deal only by knowing that they never did any similar work as your choice before. If they have a good reputation and if you feel them as trustworthy then you can just go with them. For more details, you can read how to choose the right clothing manufacturer

4. Request a Quote 

Try to be very specific while requesting a quote. Make it within a certain number that is already in your mind. Asking a quote for a really huge amount such as 10,000,00 may make you suspicious and they may feel you not to be a serious business dealer for that. If you want a huge amount or a low amount then first ask them for it. They can offer you a special deal for larger production. 

5. Adhere to the Budget 

Try to set a budget after deciding the deviation range that you can allow. Now, ask your manufacturer whether they can meet the range or not. You can ask to know about the costing as per unit.  

6. Clarify the Process  

You should track the production process. You must make sure that you understand all the steps that are involved in working with your manufacturer. So, you can make a proper note of the overall. 

7. Production Slots  

Make sure to know the lead time of the available production slots. Remember that last minute changes may result you in missing your reserved slot. It can also delay the production. Confirm the cut off date with your manufacturer for the last minute change. And also know the time and financial implications for neglecting it. 

8. Stick to the Timeline  

Make a timeline discussing with the manufacturer to complete all the tasks. 

9. Give It All You Have 

Recheck that the manufacturer has all the necessary information, materials, stuff & resources to complete your task. After getting the confirmation keep your eye on the process. 

10. Do Not Hold the Samples Hostage 

how to talk with clothing manufacturers

Usually manufacturers require samples before starting. So, tell your manufacturer for the sample without wasting any time like doing photoshoots. 

11. Warranty

You may wish to sign an agreement based on the payment terms. You should protect your business by maintaining proper deadlines. Also covering the cost in case of defects and other unforeseen events. 

how to talk with clothing manufacturers

12. Uncover the Hidden Costs 

There may be some additional or inclusive cost like for doing the labelling, packaging, shipment, import or export duties. So, confirm whether these costs are exclusive or inclusive in the manufacturing cost to avoid any kind of disappointment.

13. Pay on Time 

Finally seal your deal by paying the payment on time.

These are all about the steps on how to talk with clothing manufacturers. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you to make your profitable deal with your clothing manufacturer.