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How to Make Crop Tops : Best Crop Top Making Ideas in 2024

how to make crop tops

If you have more interest in crop tops and want to know how to make crop tops by yourself, you are in the right place. In this article you will know how to make crop tops and what else is better than making it by yourself!

Crop tops are in the fashion trend for quite a long time. It’s been almost a decade but the crop tops are still in the trend! If you like to wear crop tops, it will be a good news for you because crop tops are really easy to make! You can just make nice crop tops for yourself with your old shirts, tops, leggings or jeggings! 

Making An Old Shirt Into A Crop Top 

1. First of all, choose an old shirt or any of your sweatshirt to turn it into a crop top. Though you can choose any type of shirt, select one that fits you perfectly. If you want to wear it like a loose top and tie a belt in the front, select a sweatshirt that is a bit loose. Or if you just want to wear it as a fitting one, go with a form-fitting shirt of yours. Choose a shirt or sweatshirt which you are comfortable to cut because it will look totally different after you just finish cutting the shirt. 

how to make crop tops

2. Identify the length of your crop top. Wear the shirt or sweatshirt and stand in front of the mirror. Check the length by folding up the shirt that will suit you. Usually the typical length is a few inches less than your belly button. Still you can choose any length as you want it to wear. Finalize the length and and mark that with a chalk or a fabric pen. 

3. Cut the bottom of your sweatshirt to the length that you have chosen. Lay your sweatshirt or shirt on the floor or on a flat surface so that the shirt may lay smooth and even. Now take a scissor and cut the shirt evenly. Make sure that there are no jagged edges. An even cut will give you the best output.

4. Reserve 2 triangular stripes of fabric to secure that shirt, if it is required. Don’t cut all the way to your top at once but before it, try to secure it in the front by creating two triangular stripes of fabric on your shirt. Cut it from the new bottom toward the old bottom of your top for creating the triangles. Here, if you are using any shirt to make your crop top, reserve the fabric of each side of your front edges of your shirt starting and consisting of the button area.  

5. Cut along the inside of the collar with fabric scissors. If you want to wear it with the collar, keep that as simple as it. On the other hand, if you want it to be a different neck pattern, just cut it like that under the collar. Be conscious enough about cutting the neckline because, once you cut a deeper neckline, you can’t get the fabric back in case you have to repair it. 

6. Cut off your shirt’s sleeves for a sleeveless crop top. If you want to wear a sleeveless crop top, simply you will have to cut the sleeves along the inside of each of the shoulder seams on your shirt. You have to cut a straight line to remove the sleeves. 

How to Make A Crop Top With A Pair of Leggings

how to make crop tops

1. Fold the leggings in half so that the legs are aligned. Firstly, put the leggings on a plain surface so that there is no jagged edge. Now, fold it so the legs are stacked. These leggings will make a very short and fitting crop top. In case, you don’t like these sort of tops then make a crop top using a shirt. 

2. Cut a 4 inch (10 cm) diameter circle at the crotch. So, you must use a very sharp scissor to make a circle at the place of the crotch. 

3. You can cut the legs shorter if you want to or need. Or else it will create a long, sleeved crop top. Again put your selected leggings on the floor and cut it very nicely without getting any edge. 

Sewing A Crop Top 

how to make crop tops

1. Choose 1 yard of fabric that has some stretch to it. For making a crop top (the sewed one), you have to select a stretchy material that would be making out of it a nice form fitting crop top. 

2. Measuring the circumference of your bust, waist and upper arms. To create a nice and form fitting top you have to measure perfectly and accordingly to your bust, waist and upper arms. Take a measurement tape to do this. 

3. Cut out 2 pieces using the dimensions of your bust, waist and your desired crop top length. You have to fold the fabric in half and draw a rectangle on it which is half of the width of your waist measurement on the other side. The rectangle must be in the length of the distance between your bust and waist. 

4. Cut out 2 pieces for the 2 sleeves. Draw a rectangle on the folded part which is the total of your sleeve’s size. 

5. Sew a zigzag stitch to secure the sides of the two body pieces. Stack on the 2 body pieces on the back side and sew a zigzag stitch . 

6. Fold each of the sleeves and secure them with a zigzag stitch. By folding the sleeves to the back side, stitch them to the raw edges.      

7. Hem the edges of the sleeves and body if desired. Mostly hem is not required. But still if there is any material you are using that needs hem, just hem to the edges.  

8. Attach the sleeves to the sides of the crop top. Turn the body of your crop top inside out and attaching the sleeves sew them properly with a nice straight stitch. Further repeat it on the other side of the body piece for securing another sleeve. You should cut if there are any extra threads. 

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