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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

How to Cut Denim Shorts : Easy Ways to Cut Denim into Shorts in 2024

how to cut denim shorts

Do you want to know how to cut denim shorts or how to turn your jeans into shorts?    

You can easily cut your denim (from any fashion clothing). In this article we will discuss how to cut denim shorts step by step. All the necessary steps and tips we will provide here will help you to understand how to cut denim shorts properly. We have divided it in 4 methods. Let’s discuss it now- 

Method 1

Planning to Turn Jeans Into Shorts

how to cut denim shorts
  1. Choose a pair of jeans that you want to turn into shorts. So the best jeans to select are those that suit you well in the legs, buttocks, and thighs. Keep in mind that baggy jeans will turn into baggy shorts, and tight jeans will turn into tight shorts. 
  2. Shrink the jeans ahead of time. If you’re converting a pair of jeans that haven’t been washed or haven’t been worn in a long time, run them through the washer and dryer before cutting them off. This will pre-shrink the jeans so that they don’t end up being too short. 
  3. Make a decision on the length of the shorts. Choose from the given lengths depending on how loose or tight your jeans are. Capris are just a few inches shorter than normal jeans. So if you don’t want to make a dramatic change, this is a decent option. Bermuda shorts come to a point just above or below the knee. Certainly these can be extremely comfortable or extremely fashionable, depending on the style of jeans you’re converting. Shorts that are 3–5 inches above the knee are considered classic. This is a style that can be dressed depending on the occasion. Shorts have a hemline that is approximately 2–3 inches in length. These are ideal for the beach, especially when combined with a cute bikini top. 

Method 2

Making the Cut

how to cut denim shorts
  1. Put on your pants. Then label where you want to cut the jeans off with chalk or a safety pin: ankles, elbows, mid-thighs, or upper thighs. Once you’ve marked the spot, take off your jeans.
  2. Place the jeans flat on a table. A table or desk is preferable, but if you don’t have one, you may put them on the floor.  
  3. Align a ruler with the cut-off mark you made earlier. Slightly raise it to the outer edge of the jeans. With a piece of chalk, lightly trace the cutting course. Repeat it with the opposite leg. The cutting paths should meet at a slight angle below the crotch and form a “v” shape. As compared to cutting the jeans straight through, this results in a more flattering final look. 
  4. Carefully cut along the path you traced in a straight line. Therefore use fabric scissors, which are built to cut through heavy fabrics like denim, to get the best results. Don’t be concerned if the line isn’t completely straight. However the little crooked bits will be hidden as the shorts fray. 
  5. Try on the jeans. Are they roughly the length you had in mind, taking into consideration the extra inch or few inches shorter they’ll be in the end? You might decide that bermudas are preferable to capris. Before continuing, take a look and make a decision. 

Method 3

Finishing the Hemline

how to cut denim shorts
  1. Hem the shorts if necessary. If you don’t want the shorts to fray or if you don’t want a line of fringe across the bottom, hem them to keep the fabric from unweaving. So hem the shorts with a sewing machine by folding the edges under one-fourth of an inch.
  2. Cuff the shorts if you want to be more formal. If you want to cuff the shorts, stitch all the way around the edge to keep them from fraying too much. Stitch the edges of both legs together with a sewing machine or by hand. To make a cuff, fold the shorts in half and then in half again. Then push the cuffs into place with an iron. Moreover you should sew up the side of the cuffs to secure them in place if you want to keep the shorts cuffed at the same length all the time.
  3. It’s time to wash your shorts if you want to go for the classic fringe look. After that to make a pleasant line of fringe, run them through the daily wash and dry cycle. 

Method 4

Decorating the Shorts

how to cut denim shorts
  1. Add a touch of glitz. To decorate your shorts, sew on beads and sequins in a pretty pattern or use paint. If you need some help deciding what pattern to make, most fabric stores sell sequin and bead kits. You can purchase fabric paint from fabric stores. In addition, to make a neat look, use stencils
  2. Distress your shorts by putting a hole in them. Further do you want your shorts to look like they’ve been in your closet for a long time? So use sandpaper, a cheese grater, or steel wool. For a “distressed” look, rub the tools around the pockets of the shorts and around the thighs. To produce a gradual fraying effect, rub the tools around the bottom of the shorts. 
  3. Get your shorts a little bit holey. Using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife, cut slits in the front of your pants. Make your look as unique as you want it to be: choose whether to make a lot of slits or just a few, and cut the slits at different angles or parallel. Remove tiny holes in the shorts with scissors. Using your thumbs, gently widen the gaps. The holes will appear frayed and authentic the next time you put them through the washer.
  4. Your shorts should be bleached. You may use a bleach pattern to lighten specific areas or totally whiten your new shorts. In a plastic bottle, combine two parts water and one part bleach. Place your pants in a dry bathtub and cover them with the bleach solution. If you desire, concentrate the bleach in specific areas and play with various patterns depending on how the bleach is sprayed. When you’re happy with the stain, run the jeans under cold water and then wash them without detergent in the washing machine.

For a more acid-wash or ombre effect, use rubber bands. Simply gather the hems of your jeans and secure them with rubber bands. Place the jeans in a vat or tub filled with a two-part water-to-one-part-bleach solution. Wash them off under running water after 20-60 minutes, depending on the desired color. Then, without using any detergent, wash them by themselves. 

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