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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

Different Types of Swimwear for Women: 24 Types of Swimwear in 2024

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

There are different types of swimwear for women. So, shopping for swimsuits can become really challenging sometimes. Online shopping carries the possibility of purchasing questionable items. In addition to all of that, there are countless varieties of swimsuits to pick from. As a result, it makes it further complicated. 

But don’t worry! This is going to be easier for you because there are different types of swimwear for women that we are going to share with you. So, you can choose and pick the right ones for you. First of all, be aware that there is no one swimsuit that fits every body shape. Anyone who claims otherwise is absolutely wrong. 

What are Swimsuits?

There are different types of swimwear for women. Swimsuits come in a wide variety of designs, and breathable fabrics. People use swimsuits at swimming pools and beaches. Swimming suits are perfect to wear while swimming or engaging in activities near the water. There are two basic types of swimwear: one-piece and two-piece swimsuits (also called bikinis). You can find a wide variety of different styles for every body shape and sense of fashion within these two main groups. 

An Overview of Different Types of Swimwear Styles

Your ideal swimsuit will depend on a variety of factors, such as your personal styling preferences. This can assist you in choosing between a one-piece suit, swim bottoms, a swim top, or any combination of them.

Swimsuits are acceptable attire for wearing at the beach, the pool, and other locations. It’s important to keep in mind that any tan lines you get when tanning will show the specific style of suit you’ve chosen to wear. For instance, hipster-style swimsuit bottoms, which provide more coverage, expose less of your legs than side-tie bikini bottoms, which expose more. 

You can choose a sporty swimsuit, a strappy one with frills and ruching, a retro, vintage bikini, a stylish, contemporary swim dress, a flirty, color-blocked swimsuit, or a soft, flounce swimsuit set. 

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

When you were a tween, did you ever wear a swim skirt, bikini, or tankini? This playful style is serving grown-up chic. This flirty style is actually a hybrid between a micro-miniskirt and a classic bikini bottom in one cute package, similar to a fitness jean skirt, so you can move freely all day and all summer long. 

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

The portrait neckline is a gorgeous, romantic shape that looks amazing on dresses or shirts and feels quite unexpected in swimwear. Crisp, origami-like pleats are used in this exquisitely detailed off-the-shoulder design, giving it a genuinely artistic appearance. 

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

Now, who’s game for some shoulder action? Fans of the one-piece will adore the suit’s charming vibes and ruffle-sleeved design. This flirtatious style typically has broader straps and sleeves that flutter outwards to balance those modestly covered shoulders with a plunging deep V neckline and open back. 

One Piece Swimwear Styles

One-piece swimsuits typically offer differing levels of coverage for your upper body, lower body, and entire belly. Here, we are showing you eight different one-piece styles: 

Cover-up: Cover-ups are typically worn outside of the water, like at the beach or pool, rather than in it. On the other hand, cover-ups are typically constructed of flowy, loose fabric that is breathable and nonabsorbent, so if you do wear one in the water, it will dry quickly.

Long-sleeve: Long-sleeved one-piece swimsuits protect your forearms as well as your arms.

Monokini: One-piece swimsuits and bikinis are combined to create monokinis. The top and bottom parts join, but the majority of your belly is still bare.

One-shoulder: Swimsuits with one shoulder attach over the shoulder rather than around the neck.

Strapless: Strapless one-pieces cover the upper part of your body and rise to just below the collarbone, omitting any straps or sleeves.

Swim dress: These swimsuits are made from non-absorbent, moisture-wicking materials that make them look and feel like dresses. 

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

V-neck: You will see some v-neck swimsuits with lower necklines and others with higher necklines since the depth at which the neckline plunges varies.

Wetsuit: If you intend to swim in cold water, a wetsuit is a smart choice because it fits perfectly and acts as a second skin to help you stay warm. While some wetsuits have short sleeves and shorts or high-cut bottoms, many have long sleeves and cover the wearer’s whole legs. Some surfers also wear rash guards, a unique type of top designed to reduce chafing. 

6 Different Types of Swimwear Tops

The upper body coverage offered by swimsuit tops varies. There are many types of swimsuit tops, including bikini tops, though they are not all bikinis. The following are some common types of swimsuit tops: 

Bandeau top: A bandeau top is a strapless, form-fitting top that sometimes only covers the top of the chest and other times expands further, like a crop top. 

Cutout: These bikini tops include a cutaway in the middle that extends over your chest. Some cutaway bikinis are perfect to wear as swimwear. 

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

Halter top: A halter bikini top has ties that wrap around your neck and around your front chest. 

Longline: Longline bikini tops are a middle ground between one-piece and two-piece swimsuits since they stretch further down your body than other bikini tops. 

Different Types of Swimwear for Women

Tankini: A tankini top stretches all the way to your swimsuit bottoms, much like a tank top does. Although it’s a two-piece set, this type of swim top can provide a lot of coverage. 

Triangle top: The most traditional shape of the bikini top, in the opinion of many, is the triangle. It consists of two triangular pieces of fabric for your chest that you tie together with string. 

triangle top

7 Different Types of Swimwear Bottoms

A variety of swimsuit bottoms are available, including:

Cheeky: With the Cheeky swim bottoms, you will cover more of your backside than you would with a thong, but you will cover less than with shorts. 

High-waist: A high-waisted bikini bottom can sometimes rise as high as your belly button. For fuller coverage, you can pair these bottoms with a high-neck swim top, such as a high-neck tankini.

Jammers: Generally, jammers are tight-fitting swim bottoms that reach as far as your midthighs. High-speed and competitive swimmers should consider these.

Shorts: Swim shorts have a low cut that covers your whole backside between your legs and glutes.

Swim briefs: Swim briefs are form-fitting beach clothes that resemble underwear and hug your hips while leaving your thighs uncovered.

Thong: The thong bikini bottom is similar to thong underwear but designed specifically for swimming. Most of the time, these are string bikinis.

Trunks: Swim trunks are a comfortable and loose-fitting solution for the beach or the pool. These airy shorts can sometimes have mesh linings inside. 

trunk tops

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