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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

Fabric Wreath: How to Make a Fabric Wreath in 2024

fabric wreath

Fabric wreaths are very fashionable nowadays. For any holiday or summer outing, fabric wreaths fit with every outfit. Making fabric wreaths is very easy. You can easily make your own matching fabric wreath at home by yourself.

Making a fabric rag wreath is quite simple. By selecting different fabric colors and patterns, you can customize it to fit different occasions and seasons. 

What Fabrics You Should Choose For The Fabric Wreath

There are no restrictions on the type of fabric you are using. But it is better to start with a cloth jelly roll to make the decision easier. 

You might be wondering what a jelly roll is. It is a package of precut, 2.5″ wide by 44″ long fabric strips. The bundle of fabrics includes appropriate colors and patterns because the fabric often comes from a designer’s collection. You can save time by using a jelly roll instead of searching for matching materials or cutting the cloth into long strips. 

jelly roll

Jelly Roll

Making fabric wreaths is a great way to utilize your stash of fabric pieces. You can also build this wreath using used clothing or linens rather than brand-new material. Do you have a crimson tablecloth, a white t-shirt, and some worn-out jeans? Don’t discard them. You can use them. 

Fabric Cutting 

We had to cut the 44-inch fabric strips from the jelly roll into smaller pieces. To make it more precise, we cut almost 200 2.5′′ by 8′′ rectangles.

We cut the cloth with pinking shears, but you could also use standard scissors or a rotary cutter. To clarify, a pinking blade contains serrated teeth for sawtooth or zigzag cuts in the fabric. Sawtooth stitching reduces fabric tearing. The fabric strip’s pattern also gives the finished wreath more dimension. 

fabric cutting
fabric cutting

Assembly of the Wreath

The easiest part of making the wreath is assembling it. Firstly, fold the rectangle of fabric lengthwise in half. Secondly, use a simple overhand knot to tie the fabric to the frame (like tying your shoes).

However, the amount of fabric in the jelly roll caused us to decide that a 12″ frame would achieve the desired fullness. So, you will need more fabric if you use a larger frame size. You will need less fabric for a smaller frame.

To help with instructions, we have numbered the rings 1-4 from outer ring #1 to inner ring #4, starting at the outer ring. 

assembly for the fabric wreath
assembly for the fabric wreath

In this frame, we knotted three rows of knots, each created over two rings (see image above).

After that, we knotted the fabric over rings 1 and 2 for the outside row of fabric knots. Over rings 2 and 3, which were the knots in the middle row. Over rings 3 and 4 was where the inner row of knots was tied. When crafting this wreath, you will tie a lot of knots. 

We made sure the ends faced forward after tying each knot, then fluffed the wreath up. It was ready to hang after we added a ribbon.

Making a Fabric Wreath: Step-by-Step Instructions



  • Pinking shears (or rotary cutter or scissors)
  • Ruler 

First, Select The Fabric 

Choose a fabric with a range of matching colors and designs. It’s simple to use a jelly roll of matching fabrics to do this.

Stripe the Fabric (If Not Using Pre-Cut Fabric) 

Using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut the fabric into 2.5″ wide strips if you don’t have pre-cut strips.

stripe the fabric for fabric wreath

Trimming The Ends

If necessary, use pinking shears to trim the fabric strip ends so that the edge is clean. Pinking shears can be used instead of regular scissors or a rotary cutter to reduce fraying. 

With the shears, we discovered that we could cut a stack of four to five pieces simultaneously. By reducing the number of cuts, stack cutting speeds up the process. 

trimming for fabric wreaths

Cutting the fabric strips into 8″ segments

Pinking shears are used to cut the fabric into 2.5′′ by 8′′ rectangle pieces. We typically measure 8′′ strips with a piece of cardboard that is 8′′ in diameter. You can also use the grid on your cutting mat, a ruler, or a tape measure. 

cutting for fabric wreaths

Organize and Cut Fabric Strips 

The wreath requires roughly 200 pieces of cloth. Arrange the pieces into stacks according to color. When fastening the parts to the frame, it is now easier to grab the pieces. Don’t attach two similar pieces of fabric together next to each other. 

Half-fold The Fabric Strip

Place the fabric’s wrong sides together with the right sides facing out as you fold the rectangle piece in half lengthwise. To assist with crease formation, run your fingers down the fold. 

fabric wreath making

Thread The Folded Strip Through The Outer Two Rings

Take the folded fabric and pass it through Rings 1 and 2 as you do so (the outermost rings on the wireframe). 

threading the folded wreath

Wrap The Material In An Overhand Knot

Make an overhand knot by crossing the two ends of the fabric and pulling one end through the loop. 

wrapping the material

Pulling The Ends Tight

Pull the two ends together and tie a tight knot. A single knot will work just fine instead of a double one. 

fabric wreath

Continue To Wrap The Entire Frame In Knots 

Over the two outer rings, tie another knot using a contrasting piece of fabric (such as one that is lighter or darker or has a different design). After that, continue making knots around the entire frame, crossing the two outer rings.

The six parts of a 12″ frame (the areas between the crossbars). For a total of 66 knots on the outside row, we tied 11 knots in each area. 

making knots

Knots On The Second Row

Over rings 2 and 3, tie a second row. Put the knots on the outer row in between the outer row knots. For a total of 60 knots, we tied 10 knots in each segment of the middle row. 

knots for second row

Add A Third Row Of Knots

To create the last row, tie knots over rings 3 and 4. After that, place knots on each side of the main row of knots (similar to the 1st row of knots). In the innermost row, we made 66 knots overall, 11 per section. 

adding a third row

Turn The Wreath Over And Move The Fabric’s End Forward 

During the knot-tying process, some fabric pieces will spin on the rings, and the ends will be facing in every direction. Flip the wreath over to work on the backside. Pull the fabric ties back towards the wreath’s front. 

fabric wreath

Fluffing The Fabric 

Make sure the wreath is facing the front again. Make the fabric wreath full and fluffy by fluffing up the fabric pieces. The right side of the fabric should show the colors and patterns, so don’t unfold the pieces. 

fluffing the fabric

Hang Your New Wreath Once You Add A Bow 

If desired, finish off your wreath with a matching bow. 

fabric wreaths

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