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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

Textile Sourcing: Textile Sourcing In The Best Textile Trade Shows In 2024

Textile Sourcing

Textile sourcing is the process of determining what and where manufactured items will be procured. In garments/fabrics sourcing, the main motivation is to provide the highest level of satisfaction at a low cost. 

Trade Shows’ Importance for Small Business

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World-Chain Partners In One Place

Trade exhibitions are known for bringing some of the world’s most talented supply chain partners altogether. This is for the fact that only a single person can not exhibit at a trade fair. Therefore, Exhibitors don’t need to pay a participation fee but they must need to apply and be authorized first. Companies that run a trade show are a business. Because of being a part of the business, they need to satisfy their customers. That’s why reliable and trustworthy exhibitors only participate in the trade show. As a result, The benefit of textile sourcing trade exhibitions is that they pre-screen suppliers for you. You know they’re serious about long-term business growth and not looking for fast cash only. Rather they are constantly pursuing new customers. 

They Allow For Face time And Relationship Building

textile sourcing

Meeting people in person is more enjoyable than online meetings because it allows us to perform better.  It’s the gut feeling you get when you’re not sure if this is going to be a good partnership or not. We often ignore our gut instincts and that tiny voice in the back of our head asking us to think twice about something.  Though we call it anxiety sometimes, this is not anxiety. But, our strong gut feeling which is mostly right the first time helps us to make the right decision. And in a trade show, you get to meet many exhibitors that maybe you were thinking of working with for days. When you are meeting someone in person you can have more ideas about their business ethics as well. Thus, this face time and relationship building help a lot in a trade show. 

Sourcing Textile Shows


Sadly, because the world is so predictable at this time, trade show dates change on a daily basis. If you want to know when you can see these shows in person, simply click the links to go to the show’s website for the latest information.

While this may be frustrating, the good news is that almost all of these shows are now available on the internet. That means you can conduct all of your global sourcing from the security and convenience of your own home! 


textile sourcing


In this summer’s Apparel Sourcing at New York City, you can experience a unique way to the source. Moving to the Starrett-Lehigh Building, the Pop Up Showroom is an interactive showroom that will let buyers touch and feel samples sent by exhibitors from around the world.


Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Active Wear, Trims, Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Textiles, Yarns, Footwear, Accessories, Home, Machinery, Services… Apparel / Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Active Wear, Trims, Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Textiles, Yarns, Footwear, Accessories, Home, Machinery, Services are there… 


ATSM connects the Southeast United States, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean to the global clothing, textile, and fashion market.


There are guests from all over the world looking to network with and source from their large collection of multinational manufacturers.


Performance days-Functional fabric fair is the premier marketplace in the United States where apparel entrepreneurs, designers, and product development executives find the most current innovations in high-performance functional fabrics, finishes, and trims. The accessories are all presented in a sustainable, minimal waste exhibit utilizing biodegradable, recycled, and reusable materials.


LA TEXTILE is the fashion industry’s best West Coast destination for textile, design, and production resources. Offering hundreds of international fabric collections and creative services, West Coast’s Contemporary & Lifestyle designers have been offered the best level of resources and trend direction. 


Premiere Vision New York has been a fashion trade show for North American professionals since 2000. Fashion industry leaders gather in New York for two days to supply products and services to the international fashion industry. 

This is also something to pay close attention to.

Smart Creation exhibitors are chosen using a global eco-responsible strategy based on three pillars:

  • The company’s responsibility in social and ethical aspects, as well as its environment. 
  • Traceability, finishing, and dying processes are all parts of the transformation process.
  • Recycling technologies, organic content, and alternative materials are the products.


This is the largest and most well-known textile trade fair in the United States. If you’re thinking of going to a show, this is the place to go.

A national and worldwide meeting of garment and footwear producers, suppliers, and service providers from textiles and materials to components, supply chain, and technology solutions. 


Hundreds of foreign fabric manufacturers offer a wide range of products, from knits to denim and functional textiles, so you can find your next fabric supplier here. 

Texworld New York City (previously known as Texworld USA) is a global marketplace for fabric and supplies for the garment industry. Global suppliers, fabric buyers, designers, and fashion professionals gather for three days of sourcing, learning, and networking at the East Coast’s largest sourcing event. 

In all the top-rated trade shows for clothing, you will get Beautiful Connection Group which is one of the best clothing manufacturers in the USA. As different companies have different requests, they extend their product service offering by sourcing what they can’t produce. Based on their extensive global supply base, they can produce a high or low volume of all product categories within various levels of fabrications like apparel, trims, accessories, and packaging, while ensuring you have the most qualitative and effective merchandise. 

They guarantee the combination of low-cost material with high-quality output to meet your requirements. They are optimized by high-developed manufacturing capabilities and technologies, their team ensures expert assistance and professional services.