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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

Plus Size Clothing Market : Three Steps To Enter The Plus Size Clothing Market Successfully In 2024

Plus Size Clothing Market In 2023

Brands are often not really too focused on the plus-size clothing market. But the plus size clothing market is not so small. Too frequently, if a retailer sells plus size apparel, they restrict it to a certain area of their store or a different internet tab, giving the impression that they don’t care about it. In the past, clothing companies have come under fire for both their small selection of plus-size apparel and the form-obscuring nature of the plus-size clothing they do provide. The strict standards of beauty set by society cause hardship for many women and men. However, many firms are expanding their size ranges and including more different-sized models in their advertising as a response to shifting beauty standards and the body-positive movement. 

Finding plus sizes is, in some ways, simpler than ever. Plus-sized departments are available at major retailers like Target, Asos, and Misguided, and other labels like Universal Standard provide items in sizes ranging from 00 to 40. However, advancement takes time, and many apparel companies are finding it difficult to incorporate a larger range of sizes, particularly in the face of recessions

As a result, many retailers reduced their size ranges during the pandemic. Body Quality, Old Navy’s body positivity initiative, launched on August 30, 2021, bringing sizes 0-30 to all stores. As a result of falling sales and a large unsold inventory of small and large sizes, they cut back on size in less than a year. The brand still offers the entire range of sizes online, but 75 of its more than 1,100 U.S. stores have closed this program. In the same year, Loft reduced its largest size from 26 to 18 and M.M. announced it would discontinue plus-size styles. According to many retailers, cutting larger sizes first is because providing a wider range of sizes involves extra costs and procedures, including finding specialized designers, hiring additional fit models, and staffing for advertising.

According to the CDC, the average size of a woman today is 16, although some retailers still only offer clothing up to a size 14. Although the typical waist of men is 40 inches, sizes over a 38-inch waist are rarely found in the men’s section of the store. Large and tall consumers frequently have trouble finding items in their sizes. Because of their bad shopping experiences, many of these consumers buy fewer garments in the first place. However, new fashion designers can succeed by grabbing the plus-size clothing market. So, now we are going to share 3 steps to enter the plus-size clothing market. 

Create a solid business model before you start

Overcoming challenges, Old Navy implemented extended sizes by taking important progressive measures, like:

  • reorganizing shop designs
  • purchasing mannequins in larger sizes
  • Featuring plus-size models in advertising
  • collaborating with producers who can produce larger sizes 

Their mistake was not accounting for leftover inventory. Forecasting size is challenging.

Small batch manufacturing is one benefit small manufacturers have over big box stores, making it easier to restock popular size options. If the costs of large sizes are too high for a start-up business, these brands can also only sell larger sizes. 

Design and produce clothing in a variety of creative ways

Plus Size Clothing Market In 2023

Unfortunately, many companies fail in this regard. These blogs frequently generate a robust and impassioned comment section full of free customer trend data about how much this market segment dislikes loud and big designs, clothing that is too neon or too dark, and cold shoulders. 

It should be clear by now that plus-size shoppers require good fit and design. Like everyone else, kids want to feel confident and at ease in their clothing, and part of that means giving them trends that everyone else is wearing. Find out what other plus-size-focused brands are doing well or poorly by conducting market research on these customers. 

Plus Size Clothing Market In 2023

Don’t forget to emphasize fit as well. This calls for employing a larger sample size. Because a size 2 or 4 sample model won’t fit clothes that are 10 or greater. Additionally, do some research on creating patterns, especially for plus-sized bodies, and drape and fit plus-sized dress models.

As it influences fit and feel, the high-quality cloth is also important. There is lots of potential for more upscale plus-sized clothing. Even if fast fashion companies that offer affordable clothing have taken the lead in making clothing available. 

Keep your marketing and messaging sensitive

Plus Size Clothing Market In 2023

While promoting plus size, messaging can be a tricky fine balance. Despite being a metaphor, the terms “plus size,” “curvy,” and “stretched sizes” reflect the discrimination against bigger bodies. Plus size has evolved into a controversial, contradictory descriptor with much controversy over its intended use in marketing.

While some argue that this category is useful for consumers, others argue that this area is excellent for brands. Brands that are advertising sizes greater than 12 or 14, as well as other clients who fit these sizes.

Good representation is one of the best ways to develop this trust. What percentage of plus-size models and clothing lines will you present? Will your fashion brand’s website and other marketing materials prominently feature them? What kind of body types do your “plus-sized” models have? Do you represent people who don’t fit the standard definition of plus size? Including women who have double chins and stomachs? Calvin Klein attracted criticism for using a size 10 woman to promote their plus-sized line. And Zara utilized two skinny models to promote body-con pants. Plus-size shoppers were prioritized by other brands in different ways.

Including Plus Size Clothing Can Be Successful

There is a huge gap in the U.S. clothing market for plus-size clothing. A recent study by Plunkett Research found that only 10% of online mass-market clothing products are considered plus size. Similar to how women find larger fits, guys too have trouble finding them. In fact, there are even fewer options available for men. Market gaps are helping new designer brands achieve instant success. 
The Beautiful Connection Group, one of the best clothing manufacturers in the USA, produces plus-size outfits for women. This clothing manufacturing company can produce any type and size of customized dresses for women. For example, skirts, tops, hoodies, winter wear, and many more.