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How to Deal With A Pattern Maker in 2024

clothing pattern maker

Pattern maker for your brand has the most influence on its success. It doesn’t matter who you hire assisting you, there are always tasks that need to be completed beforehand. So that pattern makers can do their job well. How well they do their job depends on how well you provide them with the necessary information and tools. One common issue we notice is that designers often forget to prepare their designs properly. Therefore, this issue makes it difficult for the pattern maker to do their job effectively.  

You should make sure everything is well organized and ready before you talk to pattern makers. And, you don’t want to know what happens when you don’t give them enough information (let’s just say it’s not good). Want to avoid a disaster? Here are some tips to make sure you have everything you need to give your pattern maker the right tools and information: 

Body Measurement of Fit Models 

fit model

If you have found a model who represents your ideal customer (which is really important for getting the fit right), make sure to provide all the measurements of their body. And, explain how you measured each point.  

Tech Packs 

This is a really crucial part of creating a product, so make sure you pay close attention to the details! Your tech pack should have drawings that show how the product should look, information about the specifications, the materials used, and how it should be put together. There are many other important details to include. You’re probably working with a tech designer to give a general idea of the measurements. But, as you work with the pattern maker, you can get more specific as the product is developed. And don’t forget to update the tech pack as you gather more information.

Mood Board 

If you made a mood board or inspiration board, don’t forget to show it to your pattern maker! It will help them understand how you imagined the garment and the ideas behind it. This way, they can better understand your vision and create the product accordingly. 

Standard of Fabric 


Before the pattern maker starts making the pattern, it’s important to talk about and show them a small piece of the fabric you plan to use. Remember, the fabric can affect how the garment fits. Once both of you agree on the fabric, the pattern maker can suggest how much fabric should be bought for making the sample by the sample makers.

Reference Samples 

To guide the pattern maker accurately, provide them with a fit sample that you believe has the ideal fit (typically the medium-sized one) and any other sample you bought from a store. This is the best way to demonstrate the desired outcomes for your design and how it should fit. It will help the pattern maker create your designs exactly as you envision them! 

If you’re taking the time to do research, you should be able to communicate your design needs and collaborate with a pattern maker to get their suggestions on how to enhance the style. As a designer and entrepreneur, it’s important to handle the smaller details (like specifications and fabric sourcing) on your own. So, you’re ready to work smoothly with the pattern maker. Only then will you be prepared to move forward with the pattern maker and start creating the perfect product. 

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