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Matthew 6:10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven

How to Fold Sweaters : Perfect Ways of Folding a Sweater in 202

how to fold sweaters

Sweaters are really fashionable for style enthusiasts but it can be a bit of a hassle if you do not know how to fold sweaters in a proper way. Once you know the right ways of folding a sweater and how to store it, you can keep your favourite sweatshirts as it is for a long time. 

When this is the start of the holiday season, most of us start feeling the cold weather once more. So it’s time to bring out the winter wear! You may be reuniting with an old cashmere sweater or breaking out the coziest flannel ponchos that you like. There’s one drawback to wearing cozy winter sweaters. The main hassle is about storing them. 

Bulky, chunky sweaters take up a lot of space in drawers. But today we will share with you some tricks for making them a little less bulky. This way you can save more space in your drawer for other clothes. The tricks are so easy and helpful that your friends will be envious of your newly organized drawers. 

Here we discuss all the easy peasy lemon squeezy ways of folding sweaters… 

Previously we discussed folding a tank top but during the winter you need to know how to fold a sweater. So let’s start … 

Method 1

Folding a regular sweater

Take a sweater and lay it out on the table. Place the sweater on whatever surface you’re using with the front facing up. Place the sweater flat on the table. 

  • To ensure cleaner folds, you have to use the flattest surface possible. 
  • Make sure the sweater is not bunched up in any way. Otherwise, you will not get a nice fold. 
how to fold sweaters

Invert the sleeves and fold them inwards. Place one sleeve over the front of your sweater with the cuff facing the sweater’s opposite side. Now cross the other sleeve over the top of the first sleeve in the same way. 

  • While folding, make sure to smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Extend the cuffs but not more than the sweater’s edge.
how to fold sweaters

Grasp the sweater’s hem. Bring the hem of your sweater up to the neck. Meanwhile make the fold on the level of your sleeve cuffs .

  • Wrinkles can occur if the hem is folded too high.
  • Some sweaters may need to be folded twice.

Turn the sweater inside out. Double-check that all parts of the sweater got a nice fold and remove any wrinkles before finishing the fold. 

  • Carefully store the sweater to keep the folds perfect or else it will cause unwanted wrinkles.
  • Start again from the beginning if the fold becomes wrinkly or gets a bunch up. 
how to fold sweaters

Method 2

Folding Bulky Sweaters

how to fold sweaters

Place your sweater on the table. Use a smooth surface and smooth out any wrinkles or bunches. You won’t be able to get the best folds if you use a bumpy or uneven surface. 

  • Position your sweater so that the front is facing up.
how to fold sweaters

Now you have to fold the arms in. Fold your arms to the side of the sweater on the opposite side. Try to make them criss-cross while avoiding bumpy or uneven folds. 

  • It doesn’t matter which arm you start with.
  • Keep the shoulders even with the sweater’s sides.
how to fold sweaters

The hem should be rolled up. Take the hem and start rolling it up towards the sweater’s neck. Consider how you’d roll up a scroll. Just follow the pictures that we have added. 

  • If you roll the sweater too tightly, it will stretch the fabric.
  • Make the roll as even as possible. 
how to fold sweaters

Turn it over. Turn the sweater around so that the front of the neck and the sweater are facing up and toward you.

  • Unroll the sweater if it appears to be bunched up or uneven, and start over once again before storing it. 
how to fold sweaters

Wrap the sweater in a rubber band. Slide a rubber band down the length of the sweater, keeping it towards the center. The rubber band will help in keeping the sweater in a roll.

  • To avoid breaking your rubber band, make sure it’s the right size.
  • It’s also possible to use a string. 

Method 3

Folding airy and light sweaters 

how to fold sweaters

Lay your sweater on the table. On a flat surface, make it as flat and smooth as possible. If any wrinkles are there now, they will appear as more noticeable after making the fold. 

  • Some sweater materials may be more difficult to smooth out than others.
how to fold sweaters

Firstly fold the arms. Fold one arm over the face of the sweater and towards the other side of the sweater. Grab the cuff of that arm and fold it back over the face of the sweater. After that, fold it away from the arm’s side. Repeat with the other sleeve. 

  • Try to keep the sleeve’s edge flush like the water’s edge. 
how to fold sweaters

Now you have to roll up the sweater like in the picture above. Take the hem of the sweater and begin rolling it upwards towards the neck. When the roll reaches the sweater’s neck, pause it.

  • Make sure your roll isn’t too loose or else it will become undone again. 
how to fold sweaters

Fold it in half. Bring one end of the sweater over to meet the other end. The fold will be in the sweater’s exact center.

  • Fold the sweater into small storage spaces using this method.
  • You may have to fold the larger sweaters multiple times.

Method 4

Folding to avoid hanger marks

Lay out your sweater. Take your sweater and place it on a flat surface. Make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles. 

how to fold sweaters

Invert the sweater and fold it in half. Take one of the sweater’s arms and cross it over the other. Make your fold as neat and precise as possible. 

  • Fold the sweater in half down the middle. 
how to fold sweaters

Take a hanger. Use a wooden or plastic hanger to avoid damaging your clothes. With the hanger hook facing down from the armpit, place it on top of your sweater. 

  • Only use flat hangers.
how to fold sweaters

Now complete the final folds. Fold the bottom hem of the sweater over the arm of the hanger. Take the sweater’s arms and do the same thing again.

  • Ensure that the sweater is folded tightly over the hanger. 
  • It makes no difference whether you start with the arms or the body of the sweater. 

Now take it down. You can avoid wrinkles and hanger marks by hanging your sweater with the folds you made. Using this method, you can prevent your sweater from stretching out.

To save space and avoid wrinkles, hang your sweater.

Method 5

How to fold chunky sweaters

how to fold chunky sweaters

Now fold one arm into the center and then fold the other one over the first one. 

Horizontally fold the sweater in half. If you’re folding a longer sweater, fold the bottom third of the way up before folding the sweater in half. 

how to fold sweaters
how to fold sweaters

Once again now repeat it with the rest of your sweaters. You have to turn them right side up.

So these are all the steps on how to fold sweaters. Hopefully you have got all the methods that we have shared.

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