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How to Fold Hoodies : 3 Easy Methods of Folding a Hoodie in 2024

how to fold hoodies

“How to fold hoodies?” – This is the most common question that a person thinks first when they think of organizing their hoodies in their closets.  

Who doesn’t like to wear a hoodie? This is one of the most fashionable outfits during winter. It is really easy to style with hoodies and also very easy to fold. 

In this article we will discuss “How to Fold Hoodies”. Let’s discuss 3 easy methods that you can follow to fold a hoodie perfectly. 

You may face some difficulties while folding a hoodie when you think of folding a hoodie for the first time. Because of their shape, hoodies may appear difficult to fold. But this is not as tough as it seems to be. You can fold your hoodies swiftly and efficiently if you learn the appropriate methods of folding a hoodie. All you need is just to learn the proper way of folding a hoodie. There are a few different ways that you can fold a hoodie properly. You can either make a simple fold or a difficult KonMari fold for folding your hoodie. It depends on your preferences and time limits. You’ll be able to fold your hoodies quickly and organize them in your closet once you’ve learned the proper ways and have folded them perfectly.

Method 1

Trying a Basic Fold  

how to fold hoodies

1. First of all, turn the hoodie inside out and backwards. Place the hoodie on a table with the back of the hoodie facing up and the hoodie face down. At this point, whether your hoodie has a zipper or a front pocket, both should be facing down. If a clear table isn’t available, any smooth surface will work.

2. Then cross your arms behind your back. Take each hoodie arm and cross it over the center of the hoodie at once. The hoodie should be in the shape of a rectangle, with the hood protruding from the bottom. At this point, don’t touch the hood. Later on, you’ll need it to stick out from under the hoodie. 

how to fold hoodies

3. Next, fold the hoodie horizontally in half. Fold the top half of the hoodie over the bottom half equally. Allow the hood to hang over the bottom of the hoodie as you match the hoodie’s bottom with the shoulders. 

4. After that, fold the hoodie in half vertically to make a square. Fold one side of the hoodie vertically over the other half of the hoodie. Allow the hood to hang over the bottom once more and take it out if it gets caught in the fold. 

how to fold hoodies

5. Lastly, tuck the hood into the hoodie’s body. Open the hood and stretch it over the folded rectangle until your hoodie’s entire body is encased in it. To keep the hoodie in place while storing it in your closet, cover the remainder of it with the hood. The hoodie should be folded into a square and the hood should cover the entire area.

Method 2

Doing a KonMari Fold

how to fold hoodies

1. At first. lay the hoodie on a table. Folding hoodies can be done on tables, mattresses, or a clear surface on the floor. Place the hoodie face down on the table, with any zippers or front hoods facing down.   

2. Fold the sides of the hoodie towards the center. Place the hoodie on a bed or table, facing down. Fold the hoodie into thirds vertically and fold the end thirds towards the center third so that the two ends contact. At this point, do not fold the sleeves in the middle; you will do it later. The KonMari method is a folding technique that reduces the amount of space your garments take up. 

how to fold hoodies

3. Now over the sides, fold the sleeves in half horizontally. Take one sleeve at a time and fold it in half over the center. Place each sleeve over the two ends that are folded into the middle. At this point, the hoodie should be in the shape of a rectangle, with the hood poking out on top. Smooth out the edges of the hoodie after each fold to keep it secure in your closet.

how to fold hoodies

4. After that, fold the hood over the seam line of the jacket. Fold the hood down over the seam line of the hoodie, continuously smooth out any creases as you go. The hood should be placed over the folded sides and center of the hoodie’s sleeves. 

how to fold hoodies

5. Finally, fold the hoodie in thirds and fold it once more. Make a top, bottom, and midsection out of the hoodie. For a tight, even finish to your KonMari fold, roll the bottom third of the hoodie over the center and top. The hoodie should look like a narrow and tight tube at this point.   

how to fold hoodies

Method 3

Organizing Folded Hoodies

1. Folded hoodies can be stacked in your closet or on shelves. Folded hoodies generate bulky squares that stack easily on top of one another. Stack your folded hoodies from bottom to top in your closet or on shelves for easy storage. Mixing basic and KonMari folded hoodies can result in more space being taken up.

2. Folded hoodies should be stored vertically in a drawer, according to KonMari. KonMari folded hoodies cannot be stacked like regular folded hoodies. Rather, line your closet drawers with hoodies from one end to the other until the entire space is covered. Stacking in KonMari’s storage space, folded hoodies are more prone to unravel. When you fold your hoodies vertically, you can see them all at once without taking up too much space.

3. Set up a section of your closet for hoodie storage. Divide your closet into multiple sections for different types of apparel. Separate your folded hoodies from the rest of your apparel in the same section of your closet. For example, a specific closet drawer or storage tub. 

how to fold hoodies

So, these are 3 easy methods that we have discussed step by step on how to fold hoodies. Also if you are looking for fashionable manufactured hoodies, you can go for Beautiful connection group. They make high quality, fashionable and stylish hoodies based on your custom design requirements.