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10 Clothing Importers in the USA : Best Clothing Importers in 2024

clothing importers in USA

Are you looking for the best clothing importers in the USA? You are in the right place! 

Clothing is something that everyone needs as their basics. People of every profession, of different tastes or styles choose or love to wear clothes by their choices and they prefer different types of clothes. 

As a new business person in the fashion industry or if you are new to the fashion industry and want to build up your career here, good clothing manufacturers or clothing importers are a must for you. Because by getting a good clothing importer who can provide you with all of your requirements and facilities, you can successfully establish your own fashion brand based on them. 

In this article, we will give you a short brief about the top 10 clothing importers in the USA. 

1. Beautiful Connection Group 

bcg logo

Beautiful Connection Group maintains the traditional tech experiences and at the same time looks for artificial intelligence technology and the development and utilization of machines. They have always been working hard, trying to become the best high class women’s wear based in the fashion industry. They have been working with customers all over the world. Their consistent honesty & integrity in either business or society relations are key factors that make the local and international reputation of our company. They have customized designs for their clients. The best part of Beautiful Connection Group is they maintain quality within a reasonable price. They take the minimum order of 50 pieces which is a great advantage for new business persons. 

2. Hybrid

clothing importers in USA

Hybrid is one of the most popular clothing manufacturers and importers in the USA. Their journey started in 1997 and they produce all kinds of apparels including t-shirts, tops etc. They take orders from different renowned brands and supply them with their required designer clothing. They have accessories as well. World’s demanding brands take their wholesale items from them. They never compromise with the product’s quality. 

3. ABC Imports

ABC Imports is another clothing importer in the USA who supply wholesale clothing to their clients. They are specialized in their seasonal designs. Moreover they produce different designs and colorful designs based on the seasons. Generally they produce colorful clothing in fall and they focus on the materials and comfort during summer season. You can get your best clothing in a fashionable way from them. They deliver their own production wholesale to the famous clothing brands in the USA. If you want to play with colors and want to be a fashion brand that serves the most demanding and trending colorful fashion, you can go for ABC Imports. 

4. Suuchi Inc

Suuchi is a clothing and accessories manufacturer and importer that is owned by a woman and is operated by women. They make women’s clothing, kids apparel, pets, home accessories, uniforms, etc. They are specialized in customized products. You can design your own patterns that you would like to serve and make them customized from Suuchi Inc. You definitely have to purchase from them in a bulk. They supply products wholesale. They ensure the best value with money. 

5. Lindsey Smolan Public Relations 

clothing importers in USA

Lindsey Smolan Public Relation is a New York city based boutique agency that specializes in heightening awareness for emerging and establishing beauty, fashion, lifestyle brands. They are specialized in printing/digital media placement, celebrity seeding, and influencer outreach. Particularly they work with each brand to determine their key goal. Thus they are known for their ability to elevate the profiles of niche and emerging fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands within the hearts and minds of media, influencers and consumers.

6. California Fashion Association 

clothing importers in USA

California Fashion Association was organized in 1995 and they started their journey to be a non-profit public benefit corporation. They are a pretty experienced and old organization having experience of more than 20 years. Further they are a non profit public benefit organization. So they create events and fundraising opportunities for the scholarships and charities in the fashion industry. You will get good quality wholesale clothing from them. They also maintain their quality in the best possible way. 

7. Alan Bilzerian

clothing importers in USA

Alan Bilzerian is a clothing manufacturing company and clothing importer in the USA. They produce both men’s and women’s clothing. You will get almost every stylish and trendy collection from them. If you want to work with a uni-fashion collection, importing from them would be the best choice. Like other brands mentioned previously they are also very much strict regarding the maintenance of the quality. 


GOT2GET2 J & L LINT is a clothing manufacturer and clothing importer in the USA that makes clothing with different designs. They keep a good variety in their collection and they always try to keep consistency in the quality production. They are specialized in wholesale urban apparel and high end branded apparel companies. 

9. Cafepress Inc

clothing importers in USA

Cafepress is an importer of apparel. They have online retailer service as well. Moreover they stock customized products suggested or required by their clients. They are popular in the USA for their products and services. You can order your designed apparel from them wholesale.

10. 20 Twelve

20 twelve is an importer of apparel in the USA. They have collections for both men and women. You will easily get your fashion clothes like shirt, t-shirt, tops, pants, skirts etc from them at a reasonable price. If you want something for your multi label store like both for men and women, you will have a look at their company. They ensure their products’ quality properly. 

So these are the top 10 clothing importers in the USA. Further who need the best imported wholesale clothing can contact them without any hesitation of product quality.