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Different Types Of Skirts: Most Trendy Skirts In 2024

Different Types Of Skirts

There are different types of skirts in the market. To clarify, a skirt is simply an item of clothing with a tube shape that hangs from the waist. However, depending on the brand and model, it is highly adaptable that may make the wearer appear chic, flirtatious, cozy, elegant, prim and proper, or bold. 

Though there are many different types of skirts, every girl’s wardrobe will likely have at least one. For instance, it can be petticoats, a divided skirt, a half slip, or another use. This piece of fabric has been sewn into a variety of styles to fit the body type and current fashion trends. So, today we will be sharing a few different types of skirts that are on trend. 

Types of skirts

1. A-line skirt

2. Fitted skirt (Pencil skirt/Tube skirt)

3. Gathered skirt / Full skirt

4. Mini skirt

5. Flared skirt

6. Draped skirt

7. Layered skirt

8. Circle skirt

9. Gored skirt

10. Godet skirt

11. Trumpet skirt

12. Wrap skirt

13. Divided skirt

14. Pleated skirt

15. Asymmetrical Hem skirt

16. Bubble skirt

17. Balloon skirt

18. Yoke skirt

19. Tulip skirt

20. Tiered skirt

A-line Skirt 

Different Types Of Skirts

The small flare in this skirt gives it the appearance of the capital letter A. Hence, “A-line” is the skirt style’s name. This is one of the most typical and well-liked skirt silhouettes.

Fitted Skirt  

Different Types Of Skirts

As the name suggests, this skirt is form-fitting from the waist to the hips, typically with the aid of darts. This category includes pencil skirts. However, fitted skirts with stretchy fabric are known as tube skirts. So, this skirt got a great ability to enhance your shape. 

Gathered Skirt / Full Skirt 

Different Types Of Skirts

The waistband of this skirt is where it is simply gathered. The term also refers to a puffy skirt. Usually, it is a straight piece of fabric with the upper edge gathered with an elastic waistband, a drawstring waistband, or a simple-fitting waistband. 

Using crinoline petticoats inside, a bell skirt may stand stiffly and have subtle gathers at the waist and a prominent hemline. On the other hand, a hoop skirt is a gathered skirt with an emphasis on the fullness at the hem that you need to use with crinoline or internal rings. A gathered skirt with a ruffled hem is a prairie skirt. A drindle skirt has gathers that you have to tuck into a flat waistline.

Mini Skirt

Different Types Of Skirts

A miniskirt is a shorter skirt that is between 10 and 17 inches long. People call this a bondage skirt or a pelmet skirt. Even shorter dresses, usually a little longer than 10 inches, are microminis.

Flared Skirt

Different Types Of Skirts

This skirt has a flare at the hemline but is quite fitting around the waist and hips. A flounced hem, which is a circular ruffle attached to the hem, is a choice for this skirt.

Draped Skirt

Different Types Of Skirts

The fullness of a draped skirt is gathered or draped on one side. It goes by the name of a draped sarong skirt. A square of fabric is a sarong that you can wrap around the body to create a skirt. When you drape it over the body and wear it like a skirt is a sarong.

Layered Skirt


In order to create a skirt, layers of ruffled fabric are stacked one on top of the other.

Circle Skirt


Cut from full or half circular pieces of cloth, this skirt is very voluminous. The skirt’s fabric piece will resemble a circle with a hole, hence the name. A swing skirt also goes by that name. A skating skirt is a term used to describe a short circle skirt. The Poodle Skirt is a common circle skirt with a black poodle applique.

Gored Skirt


The fabric panels in this paneled skirt give the A-line silhouette more fullness.

Godet Skirt


A triangular piece of cloth called a godet is put into the skirt’s body to provide fullness.

Trumpet Skirt


An outer flare appears towards the hem of a trumpet-shaped skirt that is fitted close to the waist and up to the bottom hem. The shape of a trumpet skirt is that of a mermaid. 

Wrap Skirt

This is a one-piece skirt that is tied around the body by overlapping it, using ties, or by a button closure.

Divided Skirt


Although a divided skirt has two legs, like pants, it appears to have wide flares.

Pleated Skirt


This kind of skirt has pleats or just one pleat placed around the waistline. Different styles of pleated skirts include inverted pleated skirts, knife-pleated skirts, and box-pleated skirts. A pleated skirt constructed of machine-pleated material is known as an accordion skirt.

Asymmetrical Hem Skirt


These skirts have hems that appear asymmetrical; a handkerchief skirt is one that appears to have its corners hanging down and you holding it down like a handkerchief.

Bubble Skirt


They use a  band or elastic casing to collect the hem of this gathered skirt, which has a puffy appearance just above the hem.

Yoke Skirt

Yoke Skirt

The skirt below and the yoke above make up these two-part skirts. There are several sorts of yokes, including round, asymmetrical, and triangular ones. It’s possible to collect or pleat the area below. Because the yoke of this skirt fits around the hips, people also call it the “hip hugger.”

Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirt

According to its name, this skirt has a shape like a tulip flower. A skirt with front panels that overlap has an asymmetrical hem as a result of the way the panels overlap. The midsection of the skirt is wider than the hem or waist.

Skirt names as per the length

There are many different types of skirts. However, you may categorize some skirts based on their length. They go by the names micro mini, mini, above knee length, knee length, cocktail, midi, maxi, evening length, and floor length, starting with short length.

The height of a skirt can vary significantly depending on the wearer’s preferences, popular style, cultural influences, as well as their body type.

Micro` mini

The bottom of the skirt is 1 inch below the knee. Another way to look at it is the skirt’s short length, which is only about 8 to 10 inches.

  • Mini -This skirt’s length end is till mid-thigh
  • Above knee length
  • Knee length 
  • Midi – anywhere between the knee to above mid-calf. A mid-length skirt is one that falls between the knee and the ankle. 
  • Maxi – The length of a long or maxi skirt is 10 inches from the floor to just below the lower calf. 
  • Formal Evening or full-length skirt – Formal Full-length or evening skirts are worn at this length, which is 1 inch above the floor. 
  • Floor length – It seems to barely touch the ground

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